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Install options of the XPS Annotator

The installer of the XPS Annotator created using Inno-Setup. Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs created by Jordan Russell.

Since using the Inno-Setup, the installer of the XPS Annotator accepts optional command line parameters. These very useful to system administrators, and to other programs calling the XPS Annotator setup.

You can read the Setup Command Line Parameters if interested with this features.

XPS Annotator author official site

To separate between personal and business, then Danang Probo Sayekti as the creator and developer of the XPS Annotator create a personal website, so he is free to speak whatever he wants.

Of course it is not relevant when talking here about personal, other news that is not related to the XPS Annotator, or XPS technology in general.

Visit Danang Probo Sayekti official site.

Thanks for using XPS Annotator

After more than a year passed, the user of the XPS Annotator now reaches more than hundreds of thousands of user across the globe, an achievement that was fantastic for us. And we think it is not making this up because many download sites that already includes the XPS Annotator on their site. XPS Annotator search result.

Looks like the latest version of the XPS Annotator (version 1.22) has been very stable, because since version 1.22 released, no one reported an error in XPS Annotator. In previous versions, the most widely reported was the error when installing XPS Annotator in non en-US OS (Vista SP2), we fix the issue in this version.

Can not save the annotation

There are some circumstances where you can not save the annotation on the XPS Annotator, and sometimes the user has been assumed that the error is the XPS Annotator.

You can not save the annotations if:

  • You open a read-only XPS files
  • The folder that contain the XPS files is read-only folder

If you open a read-only file then we store the annotation beside the XPS files. And if the folder is read-only folder then we store the annotation in "My Document" > "XPS Annotator resources" folder.

XPS Annotator 1.22

Today (Feb 23, 2010), we releasing the XPS Annotator 1.22.

In this version, the XPS Annotator can change the color of highlight annotations, and now also supports hyperlinks. We also fix a bugs in non en-US language OS.

Download XPS Annotator 1.22.

And don't forget to support the development of XPS Annotator by donating.

Free XPS Viewer Download

To be able to open the XPS document, you must have an XPS Viewer software. XPS files are portable document format, and is suitable for the exchange of documents, desktop publishing, documentation and many other useful functions.

For users of Windows XP or Windows 2003, XPS Viewer will automatically installed if you install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or newer (i.e. .NET Framework 3.5). For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, you do not need to install this framework because it is installed by default.

Annotation features in the XPS document

Several decades ago, documents, newspaper or magazine must be identical to paper, but with the invention of the portable document format then it changed everyone's view that the document must be a paper.

Highlights the line of text or paragraph in the newspapers is a common thing, and added a note on the content of a newspaper is also a common thing, but add highlights and personal notes to digital documents is still rarely performed.

Digital Signaturing an XPS Documents

Maybe after you install our XPS Annotator, come when you want to digitally sign your XPS document, you need to remember that before you sign your documents, the security certificate must be installed on your system before you can sign it.

Security certificates are supported by XPS Annotator is X.509. From the first release (version 1.0), the XPS Annotator already supports digital signatures to sign your XPS documents.

Support XPS Annotator Development

For now, we handle all related to the development of the XPS Annotator, from manufacture to buy a domain name. We are very grateful to our donors (we will list anyone who has given donations to the XPS Annotator at a later time).

We need your help to make the XPS Annotator be better and still free. Your donation will really appreciated. Make a donation.

XPS Annotator 1.22 Future Features

We plan to release the XPS Annotator 1.22 at the end of January 2010. We've tested the latest version of the XPS Annotator and seemed all was going according to what we expected.

In the latest version later (version 1.22), the user can change the color of highlight annotations. You can choose five color from the color of the annotation highlight, the colors are: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Pink.


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