Flow Document XAML Sample

Flow Document XAML is a very interesting format because it can include components such as TabControl, InkCanvas, MediaElement to provide audio and video on the document, Expander, Checkbox, and many other components. Learn more about the components you can add.

Flow Document is part of the WPF technology and represents a new document format created by Microsoft. Read the overview of Flow Document XAML for more details.

The concept of the Flow Document XAML is like a newspaper or magazine in which when we read it will feel comfortable because the layout of the article is not monotonous. In order for you to understand correctly the advantages of this document format then we create a sample document of a Flow Document XAML.

In this sample document, you will only find a standard components like the picture because this sample are made using a free version of Danet Studio.

Download Flow Document XAML sample.