Flow Document XAML Overview

Flow Document XAML (Flow Document) is a powerful document format that designed to optimize viewing and readability, flow documents offer advanced document features, such as media files(audio-video), images, tables, annotations, pagination, columns and more.

Flow Document have XAML (Extensible Applications Markup Language) extension, XAML files are XML files that have the .xaml extension. Flow Document is designed to "reflow content" depending on window size, device resolution, and other environment variables. Flow Documents have a number of built in features including search, viewing modes that optimize readability, and the ability to change the size and appearance of fonts.

There are several features built into Flow Documents:

  • Search: Allows you to perform a full text search of an entire document.
  • Viewing Mode: You can select their preferred viewing mode including a single-page (page-at-a-time) viewing mode, a two-page-at-a-time (book reading format) viewing mode, and a continuous scrolling (bottomless) viewing mode.
  • Page Navigation Controls: If the viewing mode of the document uses pages, the page navigation controls include a button to jump to the next page (the down arrow) or previous page (the up arrow), as well as indicators for the current page number and total number of pages. Flipping through pages can also be accomplished using the keyboard arrow keys.
  • Zoom: The zoom controls enable the user to increase or decrease the zoom level by clicking the plus or minus buttons, respectively. The zoom controls also include a slider for adjusting the zoom level.

Flow Document can be complex, consisting of various elements including media files, text, images, tables, and even UIElement derived classes like controls.