Document Serialization

With our document serialization allow you to serialize documents to several popular formats including XPS, XAML, WordXML, WordDoc, RTF, HTML, and Plain Text.

Danet Studio provide multiple serialization options which allow the user to save documents to different medium or to a different format.

Until now Danet Studio supports eight serialization formats, here are the formats supported by Danet Studio:

  • XPS Document (.xps).
  • Flow Document (.xaml).
  • WordXML Document (.xml).
  • Word Document (.doc).
  • HTML Document (.html).
  • RTF Document (.rtf).
  • Danet Document (.dxaml).
  • Plain Text (.txt).

You can make the above formats with the use of Danet Studio module, the module we're talking about are Danet Creator and Danet Reader.

Remark: For serialize documents to WordXML and HTML format only available on Danet Studio Pro Edition.