Danet Studio

We develop and distribute Danet Studio. Danet Studio is a versatile application that is designed to simplify your daily work related documents.

Danet Studio allows you to creating, editing, annotating, converting, managing and displaying various types of documents including XPS Document, Flow Document Xaml, Rtf Document and Text Document.

There are many modules included within the Danet Studio, which is a Custom XPS Document Writer, XPS Standalone Viewer, XPS Signer, XPS Annotator, XPS Splitter and Merger, XPS to Image Converter, Flow Document Writer, Flow Document Reader, Word Processor, Text to Speech and much more.

Danet Studio Main Features:

  • Ability to creating, editing, annotating, managing and displaying high quality documents including XPS Document, Flow Document XAML, RTF Document and Text Document.
  • Provide multiple serialization options which allow you to save documents to eight serialization formats including XPS Document, Flow Document XAML, Word Xml Document, Word Document, Html Document, RTF Document, Danet Document and Text Document.
  • Can view, annotate, save a copy, print and signing an XPS Document. Enable support for adding user-created text note, ink note, and highlight annotations to flag information or to highlight items of interest for later reference.
  • Viewing and annotating Flow Document XAML, RTF Document and Text Document with built-in support for multiple viewing modes. You can choose dynamically between various viewing modes, including a single-page (page-at-a-time) viewing mode, a two-page-at-a-time (book reading format) viewing mode, and a continuous scrolling (bottomless) viewing mode.
  • Can extract and merge pages from multiple XPS documents to create a new XPS document that contains the selected pages. After a new XPS document is saved, you can see the new document by double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer.
  • Built-in Text to Speech engine. Lets Danet Studio read your documents or even saving your documents to an audio files (save to WAVE format).
  • Ability to converts Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS) to an image files.

Latest Version: Danet Studio 2.03.

What's New: Ability to change the highlight annotations color, hyperlink support and bug fixes for non en-US language OS.

Download Danet Studio