Creating XPS Document

We have two options on how to creating an XPS documents:

Using Danet Studio:
On File menu, click Save As or Save Other. Type name in File name, in Save as type choose XPS Document (*.xps), and then click Save. You can setup the paper size, background color, margin, header and footer, orientation of the XPS Document by changing the properties on the Page Setup. See Danet Studio Features for more details about our Danet Studio.

Using Microsoft XPS Document Writer:
Open the file that you would like to print to XPS. Select the Print option (usually found under File > Print), and select "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" from the list of available printers. You will be prompted to select the destination directory and file name for your output file.

Please note that some applications, such as Notepad, will automatically print to your default printer when you select the Print option. If you want to create XPS Document, you may need to change your printer selection within that application before printing the file. This can typically be done from Page Setup.